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Interested in learning Scrum? You are at the right place! We help transform organizations for the better..



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Interested in learning Scrum? You are at the right place! We help transform organizations for the better.

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Are you ready to change the way you work? Are you ready to do twice the work in half the time? Do you want to learn what Scrum is all about?

The Licensed Scrum program is designed to provide individuals and organizations with a clear path to implementing Scrum in a way that drives immediate business results and will ensure that Scrum has a lasting transformative impact on the world.

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“Lots of practical examples that we do. I relate to LSM in terms of practicality. I have done other SM certifications and there are very ideal situations, which sound more theoretical. In this, there are examples that you can relate to.”

“I have attended multiple virtual trainings or even conducted from office etc. I found this unique in terms of the feel that you are in front and we never felt that we are out of the in-person class or the physical class.”

“The feel of using the board etc was very good.”

“This is probably my first virtual scrum training that I have attended and I must say that you have done an excellent job at delivering this.”

“I didn’t feel I was in a virtual training”

“I never got a feeling that I cannot connect with you or I cannot ask you questions”

“Excellent participants, participation from every one”

“I would say you were excellent, very patient, excellent in explanation”

“Excellent time management. You have started on time and ended each session on time.”

“Thanks to your production team! They have taken care of entire thing. Like camera moving and everything very nicely”

“Just before joining this course, I was working as a Scrum member and I didn’t really understand what is Scrum in the real sense, teams, the Scrum philosophy. This was an eye opener for me. I understand Scrum in a much more deeper way and that itself is a big win for me.”

“The polls are extremely good”


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